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1. Hypertensive crisis headache may be a symptom of many diseases, which needs emergency help. Pulsating pressing pain in the neck is a symptom of hypertensive crisis. Hypertensive crisis is called a sharp rise in blood pressure accompanied by headache, dizziness, noise in my head, flashing "flies" before your eyes, sometimes – vomiting. Emergency care at hypertensive crisis Measure blood pressure; Place the patient in a bed with raised headboard, providing him a full mental and physical rest; Provide fresh air. You can assign oxygen inhalation; put mustard plasters on his neck and calf muscles; make any hot mustard foot baths, warm baths for the hands, a cold compress to the head; Prepare the necessary medicines.

But enter them only with a doctor's permission. 'Guide Health Nurse' 2004 'Penguin Books' 2. First aid for attack of angina Angina pectoris – a form of ischemic heart disease. (Coronary heart disease is characterized by insufficient supply of the heart muscle with oxygen.) Symptoms: angina usually lasts no more than 15 minutes. The patient undergoes a chest heaviness, tightness and pain Stranglethorn nature, extending to left shoulder, neck and left arm. Action in first aid: Place the patient and provide the rest.

Give a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue. At the heart area can put a mustard plaster. Give valokordin or Corvalol 25-30 drops. When continuation of the second attack, give a nitroglycerin tablet. If, after re-taking nitroglycerin for 10-15 minutes, the attack will not stop – give the patient an analgesic tablet (baralgin, spazgan or maksigan).