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We can call such phenomenon as genital crisis reflected, that although to be innate, demands training so that they can be executed with convivncia. The consequences of the just-been born one are not fixed, depend on each situation, with the time it go to learn to use them. Sleep or the scare has an infantile standard, is reflected more notables of the just-been born one, in reply to any strong stimulaton, as an ample racket, for example. As reaction to this consequence, we can cite the ample stretching of the arms and legs, after that, shrinking them again and in some times, crying. Another consequence says respect to the neurological examination where it has reaction produced for the tickles in the sole of the foot. It has an interesting change in the nervous system of the child> in the measure where it ripens.

As example, we have that at the beginning of the birth, the extension is in form of fan, the fingers of the foot. We can still add the consequence that appears when the internal surface of the hand or the fingers is stimulated, moment where the baby reacts strong grasping itself. The notation consequence is when the child is insurance for the belly, of horizontal form, being able to come to make notation movements and still the consequence of ways when the child is insurance of erect form with the feet forcing lightly in a surface, being able to move the legs as if she was walking. In the first hours of life, the boys have erection of the penis. Also the just-been born ones can vomit, swallow to blink and bocejar. The baby starts to perceive what he is to its redor, and with this he diminishes sleep. The appearance of first teeth of nen of – in the first phase of the child, also called Infancy I.


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The search in this study on Freud has as objective co-to relate the society being searched to answer questions of social matrix under the perspective of the Psychoanalysis. Freud affirms that ' ' we see in the animals all the forms of perversion petrified in organization sexual' ' , amongst these the relations between the development of the civilization and the repression of the instincts where the main contributing elements being hypothesis of horda primeva and the death of the primitive father, hypothesis this developed from ideas that a wild structure tells where a hostile father withheld the power of the group banishing the children the measure where these if developed the point to dispute the females and its place in the group. The search of clarifications and study concerning the phase of the definitive adolescence and as if adolescent door in the school was what the necessity of this permeou, has seen that the school for many adolescents of the current society if becomes the limitor of desires and the socializador of one determined group, where the respect if makes necessary, and hierarquizado being that the families and the deriving adolescents of one familiar desestruturao has in the school a space reverse speed-to become social has seen that many are proven excluidos and many acquitted times dentor and are of the school. Many times the exclusions happen for the individual if not to adjust the rules of the school and the group, and thus many times this search to be a different being of what it is really, the many times nor really know who are. Many sources afflict the adolescent one of them and its body that passes for a series of changes that are not under the control of its proper will and that they demand of it a readjustment to this new body that it still is unaware of.