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The Anemic

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Something total irrational, without logic. In Asleep Paris, a group of young is in the Eiffel Tower. A scientist maluco launches an invisible ray that paralyzes all the city of Paris, leaving the static inhabitants in a deep sleep. Who is not only paralyzed is the group of young that was in the tower, in return the city they perceives that all the inhabitants are in a deep sleep. Joint Commission brings even more insight to the discussion. They use to advantage themselves of the situation to prepare, is as if they made one criticize the society of the time where she did not make nothing, she was paralyzed ahead of the conflicts and the situations that involved all social problems. Recently Jayme Albin sought to clarify these questions. The film has a character dadasta and surrealista, that in the end of the film the main personages if ask if everything did not pass of a dream.

Asleep Paris is a film with bias surreal than given. However It enters? Acte can be had a perception more than matrix dadasta. Other films in the thematic one as of Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp exist many. A small analysis of a film of the artist can be perceived below. The Anemic shortness-metragem Cinema (1926), carried through for Marcel Duchamp in the studio of Man Ray, and had the contribution of Marc Allgret and Calvin Tomkins, being considered one classic of the experimental cinema.

It is a workmanship that searchs one ' ' cinema puro' ' or ' ' cinema absoluto' ' , characterizing itself for the inexistence of personages and without possessing structures conventional narratives. The Anemic film consists of successive fixed plans of nineteen revolving records in movement. Nine records contain fragmentos of texts made use in spiral form that if read of are for inside, while the ten are only spirals and that when turning, provoke in the spectator a hipntico effect or op. Pointing out a question, the Op art alone will go to appear as artistic movement much later.


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Although all the advantages of the use of ETE silts? s in agriculture, some problems must be taken in consideration. As Nuvolari (2003) one of the problems is related to the possible presence of elements potentially toxics (EPT) in the silt. The toxicidade of the potentially polluting elements can give for the effect right-handers to the plant, causing death or the loss of productivity, or provoke indirect effect for the accumulation in the alimentary chain, causing diverse problems to the health human being. Another problem becomes related it the presence of pathogenic organisms gifts in the silt that can contaminate ingested foods raw being able to affect the health human being. A last problem becomes related with the possible nitrogen presence, in the nitrate form that, when not absorbed immediately for the plants or when in great amounts in the silt, can contaminate freticos sheets, having it the high mobility of nitrates in the water and the ground. The used silt in the agriculture, also called biosslido, is classified in two types according to norm of the CETESB, considering, according to Jordo et. al (1995): it classe: biosslidos of unrestricted use. Objective the reduction of the amount of patogncios including analysis of fecais coliformes, Salmonella sp., virus, helmintos and protozorios.

For this reduction technologies of advanced reduction of pathogenic must be used as the compostagem, thermal drying, thermal treatment, termoflica aerobic digestion, irradiation and pasteurizao; b classe: objective to only assure that the amount of pathogenic organisms will meet for levels not comprometedores of the public health and the environment reduced, becoming necessary the analysis of fecais coliformes. For attainment of this composition, the job of technologies is considered as the aerobic digestion, drying, compostagem and stabilization with whitewash.

Effects On The Feet And Hands

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However, all the nails of the feet and the hands can be affected. The nail affected normally is with a dark yellow color/tinned or has white spots, becomes weak, fragile and tends to break up itself of the base. The affected nail can also have a strange odor. Onicomicose limits the normal activities of the […]