Set Up Print Server By Clicking

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The new solution of the ThinPrint .print automates the installation and administration of the printing environment Berlin Management Center, October 2008 just companies with a large printer landscape must operate an enormous effort, because their print server must be manually set up and maintained. The youngest member of the .print product family the .print Management Center – is now the simplified configuration and management of these complex environments. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. The new ThinPrint solution automates the administration of the print server and eliminates the need for a manual setup. Even far-reaching changes can be implemented in the printing infrastructure thanks to the database-driven, graphical representation of the new software solution with a few mouse clicks in a Flash. The new solution is a supplement of the print management solution ThinPrint .print, which is in companies of all sizes and industries around the globe in the usage to optimize printing operations. With a mouse click the .print Management Center gives the administrator one overview about all printers that are installed in the head office and the branch offices.

Required printer objects automates the and ports are on the Central print servers created. A task that had to be done manually. About the .print Management Center the administrator can configure then Central, which the print data to the available bandwidth is available, on how many ports she will be distributed and whether the data are transferred encrypted. The configuration of the printer Virtualisierungslayers which enables a driver free printing from Windows Terminal servers or virtual or real desktops to thin clients, ThinPrint Gateway or network printers is especially comfortable with the new tool. A handy feature: The configuration of the printer environment can be made first test way. The administrator with the results is satisfied, he starts the real operating button. Something in the printer landscape changed the administrator learns this automatically by colored icons in its user interface.