Divine Laws

Posted by on February 5, 2024as

To live is a providencial question, the creature human being receives a body physical and reintegrates itself in the material world. It is a moment The holy ghost, for the rescue of the freedom, the improvement and the condition to love and to be respected. However, the question of ' ' life alheia' ' , it has not received the treatment deserved for the authorities that legislate the destination of the humanity. More information is housed here: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. An indifference in relation is observed the life of the next one, and the state institution, banaliza the security of the citizen. In the Brazilian territory, to live is an honor question, only the faith in the sublime one, can save the creatures who live the grace of ' ' vampiros' ' that they steal to them: the houses, the corporeal properties, the life and the proper dignity. If you would like to know more then you should visit Camden Treatment Associates . In this country, the arrest is for the poor persons, creatures who do not have money to get rid themselves of the crimes that come to practise. All act, has a moral effect, ' ' law of the action and reao' ' , and to act without if making responsible for the next one, respecting it, generates collections of the heights. Of the sublime Being, nobody escapes and in it my hope in a better world rests, without torments, where the Being, can be and live fully, without having the violated conscience, the locked heart, and the material body hidden behind the gratings to care for and to get rid themselves of the inebriantes attacks.

The inabalvel faith in one To only be Superior, to be able to free and to lull to sleep the inert soul that if drives away enters the cold walls of a violent and sanguinria city. It fits the authorities, conscience of the Laws that sancionam, before the Divine Laws, the collections for the exposition of the dignity human being will direct, them to the treatment given to the mpios, as it is registered in the sacred Holy Writs. It fits to remember that these Gentlemen, had been elect for the people to represent them. Irene Fonseca.