Concert Of The Vare Assembly

Posted by on March 29, 2024as

On May 28 the grouping of Assembly Vaare Venezuelan music, will be presented at the Asociacion cultural Humboldt, the concert which will start at 5 pm, it will be with the special participation of the excellent pianist Ana Maria Otamendi who accompany the Assembly on some issues. This ensemble is characterized by music making, which is a fusion of rhythms Venezuelan with world music, music classical, European, Latin American music, etc. so you can enjoy themes such as: the bolero by Maurice Ravel in Venezuelan rhythm of new wave and many more surprises. Anu Saad can provide more clarity in the matter. Assembly Vaare was born as a music project that seeks to disseminate all corners Venezuelan rhythms and afrovenezolanos, its members are musicians of the popular field and academic, which gives it a great richness to the sound material of the Assembly, equally large part of members are musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of venezuela, we have to Alejandro Montes de Oca on the clarinetBravo Geronis in the drawer, drums and voice, Carlos Pineda in four, Gustavo Marquez on electric bass and Aquiles Hernandez on electric violin. June 4 vaare will be participating in a cafe concert at 4 pm at the Automotive Hall siglo XXI, an evening filled with good music where you can enjoy drinks and meals a la carte. Original author and source of the article.