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The coffee and the tea are allowed in small amount, if you can, is better to abstain. It is necessary to follow the schedule with exactitude and is essential to ayunar 26 hours followed as of the hour that begins the lunar change of phase. That means that if the change of phase of the 27 of July is to the 4:08 of the dawn. It is not precise to rise to that hour to eat, but that day we will only take liquids to have breakfast and until we rose to following day, and we will in the morning finish the fasting until the 28 of July to the 5:08. But the change of phase is the 2 of October to the 7:49 in the morning, we can have breakfast something solid before that hour, soon to realise the fasting and finish until the 8:49 of the 3 of October. This diet can be done so much as it is wanted, since besides becoming thin it lets to the clean and luminous skin and aid to fight the acne. It is impossible to assure that everybody that makes this diet will become thin of 2 to 3 kilos.

Those that need to lose many kilos and have retention of liquids will have but success possibilities but in any case, weight is lost. Also it enterese of potras curiosities that to do during the phases of the Moon concerning culture, beauty, personal life and others. More information encuentrela in Source IMPORTANT: It remembers that with this one and any other diet is recommendable to consult the doctor.