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Weight Loss

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Find the way how to lose 7 pounds may seem too difficult. Thoughts of hunger, crazy exercises, and absolutely nothing fun come us to mind. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Then you dare eight boards diet that will help you to know how to lose 7 pounds. 1 Drink much water to lose 7 pounds water is essential for you to help your body to operate, because dehydration can have harmful side effects. It is also easy to confuse thirst with hunger. He is the next time you feel hungry, drink a glass of water, tea or milk. Of is form will receive the liquids you need, while you sacias your hunger.

2 Enjoy your favorite foods when you feel private, more likely you anheles things that you are avoiding. The key is to let you indulgences, but only in small quantities. When a chocolate seems to you, eat a small piece. Dr. Jayme Albin insists that this is the case. You can eat a mouthful of cake at birthday party. Taste and enjoy. Without overdo if you lose 7 pounds, then, is a way of compensate for it.

It reduces consumption of something else, or Rollo later for more time. 3 Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables you should do it in 5 to 9 servings every day. It seems long, but it is easy to add them as dishes, as part of a meal, or as a snack. Fruits and vegetables are foods magnificent in many aspects. These help your body function in its sound potential, and you are filling up substantially. 4. Eat more protein to lose 7 kg protein preserves muscle mass and increases fat burning. Try to keep it at each meal. Fish, Turkey and chicken are excellent sources. Gives flavor to your life, stimulates the taste buds and you have that dish is more satisfying. 5 You should eat several times a day spacing your meals and snacks so that you’re not for long periods of time without eating.

Keeping Hair Shiny

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Because the hair shine? It depends on the cuticolas, schemes would be formed on the surface of each single hair. If the hair is healthy, the cuticolas are closed, and the long hair is straight and uniform. This allows them to shine: this produces the mirror effect. But not all the cuticles are closed. There are many factors that attack and stressed hair, ruined: the smoke, cold, wet etc. All these factors attack the hair and consume the pellicola ceramic covering and also makes the cuticles flakes.

Thus, the hair takes much feared "dull hair." Therefore it is necessary to protect the hair using products sostituiscan reaffirm or natural defenses. Here are some useful arguments. Wash hair as Attention to wash their hair. Never use too much shampoo that makes hair poorer defense. The shampoo is diluted with water, then apply gently massage the scalp with your fingers. – Do not use shampoo aggressive. For the choice of shampoo there are no universal rules. Tested and decide which is the ADACTO shampoo your hair type, according to the results.

– Periodically apply nutrients masks: they are like a cure for your hair reconstructive. – Attention to the tap water used to wash the hair: if you can make them very opaque limestone, deposited on the scalp chlorine, calcium and sodium. For even more opinions, read materials from Nancy-Ann DeParle. How to fix it? There is not any need for buying a refornimiento of mineral water to wash your hair, just be careful to fill a fountain with tap water before washing your hair and use this water to rinse. If the tap water is left too long in one source, have time to decant, so that the trace is deposited on the bottom. Many argue that the method is best to rinse with acetic acid to remove trace of water. It is an effective method to eliminate the trace, but the smell is very ugly … – Another trick to wash: do the final rinse with cold water: it serves to close the cuticles. Dry and comb his hair – For products that use oil-based semi di flax, containing pottery that covers and protects the hair. – Do not use alcoholic products: last longer but make the water evaporate in the hair dehydrated. Best use a gel or wax sensitive. – Use round or Setola combs natural adhere better to the hair and gives shine. – When using the phone or hairdryer, make that hot air fence to the roots to ends, never the opposite. Make the ultimate cold air drying, to close the cuticles. – Ok, use straightening iron, but remember not to use at elevated temperatures. And most of all before using, put in your hair protective products.

New Year Composition

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For each family New Year's Eve – the most welcome and beloved. Santa Claus brings gifts to children and adults – make a wish. And in preparation for the new year, as a rule, each family decorates the house, dresses up Christmas tree. In modern phytodesign Christmas flowers from her holiday symbols and attributes as […]

The Eyes

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Since the white color allows you to relax and find peace, orange, helps to overcome fatigue, reduce stress, get rid of depression. Purple stabilizes emotional state, the yellow helps digestion, improves skin, helps to concentrate. The impact of blue light – the best way to prepare a person to rest and quiet sleep, and green […]