The Eyes

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Since the white color allows you to relax and find peace, orange, helps to overcome fatigue, reduce stress, get rid of depression. Purple stabilizes emotional state, the yellow helps digestion, improves skin, helps to concentrate. The impact of blue light – the best way to prepare a person to rest and quiet sleep, and green can rent headaches, normalize blood pressure and even play the role of antisepsis. Chromotherapy will be useful to all, because now there is absolutely healthy, not exposed to stress, dysfunctional environmental conditions, constant lack of sleep. Light treatment can restore normal sleep, relieve depression, irritability, frustration build biorhythms associated with trans-Atlantic flights and climate change, digestive disorders leading to anorexia or bulimia. To some this may seem surprising, but chromo successfully used in beauty shops in the treatment of skin diseases, restoring its elasticity, to get rid of cellulite. Gina Ross has many thoughts on the issue.

Total number of sessions is enough to feel energized, feel calm and self-confidence, fears and imbalances. Chromotherapy really works wonders. However, as with any other treatment, to produce the desired effect it is necessary to resort only to the services of specialists. After the reaction the color of each individual. So in addition to red tide forces can cause aggression, green – apathy, violet – the suppression of emotions. At the heart of chromotherapy as a treatment based on two mechanisms of human exposure – through the eyes and the skin. At the first color perceived receptors eye, causing a chemical reaction. This in turn causes the electrical impulses that stimulate the nervous system.