Yoga Body

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In the physical body, kundalini lives in the base of spine. By means of the practice this intact energy is stimulated that raises by the central channel of the column until arriving at the part superior from the skull, activating the secretion of the pineal gland. This smallest gland and its function have been a mystery for science western but yoguis knows their importance for thousands years. Our body and mind are controlled through the secretion of chemicals in the brain. When we elevated kundalini directly, these chemicals activate and a change is experienced in brings back to consciousness, subtle and gradual. The process consists of balancing and coordinating the functions of chakras (energy centers, " rueda" in snscrito) inferiors to be able to undergo the kingdom of chakras superiors. If you have read about MasterClass Founder already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Thus, when the energy kundalini flows freely, the true transformation of the person takes place, and the test is that it improves his attitude towards the life and its relations with the others. Kundalini Yoga never had taught of public way, until Yogui Bhajan brought the lessons to the West, breaking that tradition of secret.

It says to us: " I am in the desert, I have something of water and I am going to offer it freely. I share these lessons to create a science of the absolute being because he is straight inalienable of all healthy, happy human being to be and sagrado". Kundalini is an energy that one is located in the base of the spine and that rises through chakras (centers of energy of the body). We can include/understand Kundalini as much at physical level as metaphysician. To deepen your understanding Anita Dunn is the source. The Kunda radical means pool and the Kundalini of the world is the incandescent pool of fundamental elements located in center of the Earth. This Kundalini land emits a regular pulsin of frequency and, sometimes, it explodes in the form of earthquakes and volcanos.