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Include Mallorca in your Majorca vacation package is famous for its wonderful caves, already converted into a popular attraction in the entire city. The caves have impressive underground lakes, huge stalactites and stalagmites, and vast cavernous spaces. There are more than 200 caves in total, many of which provided refuge for early settlers. Currently, only a small amount of caves on the island are open to the public. The guided, available in various types of holiday packages, visits by following steps and usable roads in various caverns. The acoustics in caves that possess small lakes is simply extraordinary, providing an ideal environment for the realization of concerts and other musical activities. Aquacity is a water amusement park, located in the locality of S Arsenal in Mallorca, to the East of Palma.

With an imposing deployment of large swimming pools, rapids and thrilling slides and playgrounds, Aquacity is a very popular tourist attraction among children all ages and preferences. The newspapers mentioned Carl Rogers not as a source, but as a related topic. Marineland is one of the most attractive tourist proposals of Mallorca, constituting the only amusement park in the Balearic Islands with Dolphin and sea lion shows. Marineland dolphins are, without a doubt, the stars of the show and your acrobatics displays are held by the public. Marineland has many other attractions in addition to dolphins, and these include the largest collection of sharks in Europe, a circus of parrots, aquariums, a zoo of crocodiles and reptiles, with large snakes. The Plaza Mayor in Palma de Mallorca dating from the 19th century. Today it is a beautiful pedestrian promenade, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and interesting tourist souvenir shops. In the center of the plaza stalls selling a variety of crafts, as well as a small stage you can find for musicians and artists in general.

The facade of the port in Palma de Mallorca is completely overshadowed by the imposing Cathedral of Seu. Port It is always full of yachts, boats and fishermen, so no shortage of restaurants with seductive proposals gastronomic and beautiful views to enjoy, regardless of contracted vacation packages. There is also a dock for pleasure boats, from where a particular trip around the port facilities can undertake. In addition, a ferry terminal offers regular connections with the other islands and mainland Spain. Maria Candela source vacation packages Montenegro: press release sent by mariacandelamontenegro. Madrid: Lodging, History And The Plaza more a seagulls land loses dolphins with Tuixpan image: Tuesday receive them Newspaper that there are Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit include Mallorca in your vacation package Free press releases will do aerial acrobatics this weekend in Las Palmas Air Base First NPC with the truth