The Educational Process of NLP

Posted by on February 21, 2024as

NLP is one of the most popular techniques today, to accelerate learning, master thoughts, emotions and feelings, and break the habits and patterns limiting creativity. Understanding NLP is essential for anyone who is looking to build relationships, start a business or start a new phase of his life. It is particularly useful for managers who want to get the best from his team provides us with Achilles Julian, who is considered the genius of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-founders initial Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP was to describe in simple models (elegant , in the language of NLP), easy to learn, integrate, implement and teach the processes that they worked in the best exponents of American psychotherapy of his age; gather and systematize a body of knowledge and experience the technologies that produce results , from different fields of knowledge and schools, providing new ways to address the functioning of the human mind and discover (and here is his fundamental contribution) the structure of subjective experience of human beings, the grammar of the mind, hitherto unknown. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nancy-Ann_DeParle.

I think it is more appropriate to describe NLP as an educational process. Essentially, we developed a way to teach people to use their own heads How does the mind? Bandler and Grinder gave an answer to that question in techniques that produced the outcome that was predicted, and quickly, amazing, almost magical. The magic word is closely related to NLP, but not by any supernatural or metaphysical consideration, but for a different reason: the speed and effectiveness of its procedures are implemented and that those who benefit from them considered magical by the speed with which results are produced and their quality. Anu Saads opinions are not widely known.