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According to Nanda (2010, P. 116) ' ' related harmed urinria elimination with the immobility evidenced for delay stops to initiate the mico, incontinence, retention urinria.' ' Lapsing of nursing: To analyze the liquid ingesta as well as its elimination how much to the odor, coloration. To prevent or to diminish use of delay sounding lead being hindered vesical contamination (SMELTZER; BARE, 2005). The description of nursing of an immobilized child does not include only the place of the injury, but the systems that can concomitantly or secondarily suffer alterations as the systems vascular, renal, respiratory, muscular, gastrintestinal and neurological (WONG, 1999). It also consists of occured physical and psicossociais manifestations, causing intense modifications in the familiar children and. To know more about this subject visit John Craig Venter. The nursing boardings are elaborated in a permanent custom, suspending or varying as the problems or goals (WONG, 1999). 2,2 PLASTER the gessado device is an immobilization device that is molded to the frequently used contours of the body and in the treatment of problems musculoesquelticos.

It has as objective to immobilize reduced breaking, to correct deformity, to apply pressure uniform in the fabric soft underlying or to support and to stabilize the weakened joints. The authors stand out, who the conditions to be treated influence the type and thickness of the used plaster device, that is, the proximais joints and distais to the area to be immobilized they are enclosed in the gessado device. However, in determined breakings, the construction and modeling of the gessado device can allow the movement of a joint, while they immobilize breaking (SMETZER; BARE, 2004). For the application of plaster the nurse must keep the extremities in alignment and to verify the presence of abrasions, cuts or any other alterations in the surface of the skin and the presence of rings or objects that can cause constriction for the swell, this must be removed before the application of plaster.