The ability Of MEn And Women

Posted by on August 8, 2020as

The Man was created to do work of physical force, to fight and defend their group, to be straightforward and practical, so it was not created in them a system to conceive children, and that would have taken effect to your body. In contrast, women’s, was designed with the ability to bring the beginning of life in her womb, so it is sensitive but not weak, and this physical difference goes along with psychic and emotional differences that result in a human being emotional, communicative, with a sixth sense that allows you to have a great intuition. By nature women are more passive and compliant than men but all these qualities were not confused with disabilities, and such was the confusion that even women themselves were convinced, that they were a step below the opposite sex. This confusion is so entrenched in the minds of people, which in the process of changing customs and rights, confused women work at home, with the factory or office, and even today there are almost exclusive jobs women like domestic housekeeper, secretary, nursery teacher, nurse, stewardess, and other charges that are considered second class. They moved the work from home, without financial remuneration to the street, where it recognizes a job, but halfway, because revenues are always below the top, often having responsibilities deserve higher pay. By “mandatory targets” decreed by law, women can just access to greater opportunities for leadership positions within political parties, public and private companies. To claim their rights as human beings, usually women in their activities included roles as the man left with them, but also with the concern to compete with the opposite sex in the workplace.