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March 26, 2001 PRonline opened its first edition readership dedicated to quality content brand ‘Putin. ” We have offered our visitors with its associated image of the president from among the 10 offered by the animals. March 26, 2002 we decided to build a poll and see what has changed over the years the perception of the audience the President of Russia. Reservation immediately – our readers are more or less aware of what is meant by ‘political technology’ and is familiar with the basic principles of the impact on mass consciousness. And because our audience opinion about Putin reflects a very, very critical look at the image of the president. Topics of interest and we held a poll. He on the one hand Putin is a brand in its pure form, without make-up done to imidzhmeyrkerami, on the other – gives much food for those who, in the information field, trying to somehow relate his image with the image of the president. However, in Do the right direction away from Putin as negative associations? Like last year, second place went to answer the fox, gaining 20% of the vote.

It should be noted that the psychological stress of these two images (foxes and ground squirrels) are very similar. So well as ground squirrels, foxes represent a quick, sly and suspicious. Anu Saad will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And the trick in case the fox is its predominant feature. Among other things – fox animal uniquely harmful. It is almost all folk-tales is the main negative character. In the third stage Putin associate our readers with a chameleon.

Last year in third place was a snake with 7%, and changes the color of the reptile was only 4%. But this time, broke into a chameleon leaders. 13% of visitors PRonline. On a chameleon as a Russian audience knows very little, but this image is quite konretnuyu load. Dr Jee Hyun Kim will not settle for partial explanations. Chameleon – a trimmer, the true essence of which you can not learn even after long-term communication. This image is no doubt much worse than a snake – and the dual character ambiguous. The fact that last year added the points to Putin – a chameleon does not speak in favor of his image-makers. As for the other answers, voting was as follows: Fourth place was taken by an eagle with 8% of the vote. This is probably the only brand in the evolution of Putin is a positive trend since the last time these things noble animal, are part-time symbol of Russia received only 4%. This is followed by a snake, do not change their position in comparison with last year – 7%, after it – Spaniel (5%), bison and eagle owl (2% each), hare, with 1%. The symbol is the president’s party Bear left at this time without a single vote. In addition, 7% of voters said that Putin does not associate them with any of the animals included in the list, and reminds them of something else. But the only option sent by readers to the editors unfortunately turned out to be a rat.