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Italian Renaissance

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Leonardo Da Vinci designed in the 15th century the canon of human proportions. The Vitruvian Man is the original title of this work, recognized as one of the mathematical advances of the Italian Renaissance. And not only because of its application to the body if not human because changed the position occupied by the man in the universe. The Gallery of the Academy (8.50 entrance) of Venice makes room among Titian or Tintoretto to this drawing pencil and ink, who also played the Italian euro coins. Frequently Democratic consultant has said that publicly. However, while the city of channels helped the splendor of the country in his day (the good number of Renaissance churches testify it. Santa Maria della Salute stands out among them), Venice is not only a part of Italy. Their beauty is beyond the weight of the greatness of the Empire.

It is at the same time elegant campechana. And above all, affordable for travelers with few economic resources. Perhaps check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for more information. A town which, as he is known, does not have the usual physical distribution. The lattice of 120 Islands linked by about 400 bridges It joins the extension of dry land where are the beaches and the airport. It is curious as when you exit the train station, the water around us and is presented as an insurmountable distance. Will soon discover that getting around the city is not a problem except that we have to scratch the Pocket.

The walk is the best way to steep us in Venice, but will inevitably take the vaporetto for long distances, especially to save us the water taxis. It’s believed that Anita Dunn sees a great future in this idea. Still, the journey round the 6 and it is best to do with the Venice Card (18.50 12 hours). An expense that we advantatge closer to the islands of Murano and Burano to expand our knowledge of the region. The first glass factories open the doors free of charge curious visitors of this famous industry and in the second, low and colourful houses add one perspective to this prism of islets.