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Professional Opinion

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The expert Office of Michael Muller is a 1993 established family business with a country-wide reach. With 2 and another 3 branch offices approved officially by the IHK it operates direct regional in Berlin/Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. This orientation is very interesting but also for regional heavyweights of as Hamburg Port Authority for nationwide companies, such as shell Germany oil GmbH, especially since several experts within a project can be inserted. The tasks of the expert Office of Michael Muller include the publication of articles, as well as the organisation of seminars, for example, for business consultant of the Chambers of Commerce in addition to the preparation of valuation reports and expert opinions. Continuous trainings guarantee an above-average know-how.

The founder of the company is certified mathematics and physics teachers, as well as industrial engineer (FH) in the course of land evaluation. Years of EN ISO/IEC resulted in training in wertermittlungs -, inter-actions, economic and legal field with daily practical application in 1999 successfully completed certification testing according to DIN 17024 constructed in the area and undeveloped land. in 2001, the public appointment and swearing was by the Chamber of Commerce to Neubrandenburg. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. Expert opinions are in the economic and legal life no longer indispensable, even though the experts term as such is not protected. The Chambers of industry and Commerce ( and the CAs (E.g.) with its list of experts provide support to avoid blunders in the search for an expert. Everyone can rely on this selection, because the testing criteria are strict. A tough order or certification procedure checks the special competence, objectivity and trust a candidate. Further evidence of the continuing education must be submitted annually and the Certification authorities request a recertification exam every 5 years in addition to regular samples of their work. The offer of the expert Office of Michael Muller for professional and technically compelling valuation is aimed at dishes (escrow -, family and civil courts), lawyers (public construction law, family, civil and inheritance law), to the private sector (inventory and tax reviews), as well as to private individuals in particular in the areas of inheritance, divorce, and buying and selling. Press contact: expert Office Michael Muller on the clove mountain 26 06179 Schochwitz Tel. 03 46 09 / 2 11 22 fax 03 46 09 / 2 24 91 Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 471637 – fax: 0511 471638 mobile: 0177 5040064

Best Real Estate Agents

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Press release on the Leipzig real estate agency SCHMID Real Estate SCHMID real estate from Leipzig is one of the 1,000 best real estate agents in Germany. This determined the newsmagazine FOCUS in collaboration with Immobilienscout24, the largest German Internet marketplace for real estate. SCHMID real estate, a Leipzig brokerage firm specializing in commercial real estate (retail space, offices, warehouses, restaurants), finished with one of the foremost ranks. Thomas C. Schmid, Managing Director of SCHMID real estate, says about pleasing cutting off his operation: the assessment and placement is a great tribute to us means an honorable award for our good and conscientious work as a real estate agent for our company. Our customers are always the focus with us and we are trying to find the right real estate apartment, home or commercial property for sale or for rent for each. You may find that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can contribute to your knowledge. This is obviously excellent succeeded and our customers are grateful for our commitment. is now also this award.

Furthermore pleased in Leipzig, especially as the competition is especially fierce!” “” “Only real estate broker, by more than 500,000 Immobilienscout24 users as good, very good” or top “have been evaluated, were shortlisted. More than 5,000 brokers who could provide a quality judgement about competitors were asked. For the first time in Germany, real estate agents have undergone such a quality check. The special FOCUS special real estate offers orientation and assistance in the search for the right object. You may find Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City to be a useful source of information. Detailed maps illustrate the benefits of residential areas in cities and regions.

District analyses show which area are overpriced and where is worth the purchase. A large table compares prices for apartments, terraced and semi-detached houses in 100 cities. Also informed FOCUS special funding opportunities home and informs about possible errors with the purchase of the House. The FOCUS special informed real estate buyers and tenants comprehensive development of the purchase and rental of residential properties in Germany and calls for the first time also equal the right contact person on the spot.