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Why do we need greenhouses? Is it necessary to buy a greenhouse? Very often, we’re having similar issues. But everyone must decide. It is unlikely that such questions, we asked if we could know and see what can tomatoes grown in greenhouses, where the harvest is going to a small area over the years from forty to fifty pounds. Gardener is a really hard worker who is continuously working on his plot. Credit: Abraham Maslow-2011. Typically, each grower has its agronomic details, greenhouses and greenhouse farming. Basically it works the whole year tirelessly – in the area there is always what to do.

Vegetable crops we grow, in most cases are from the tropics or subtropics. From a scientific point of view, unusual planting crops in a foreign ecosystem has two choices: either they survive, while others become aggressive types of crops, or they are sick and do not survive. Only stands to make fun of himself and vegetables, experimenting with stimulants, and fungicides with different chemistry. After all, it’s harmful impact on the human body and cause fruit vegetable Cultural unusual for them to climatic conditions of open ground, meaning no no. After obrabatyvaniya chemical stimulants, vegetables grown in greenhouses, will have an unnatural taste. Also to be remembered that greenhouses require special care because they need to constantly ventilate and process to prevent the occurrence of these pests. Caring for greenhouses is not so easy, beginner gardeners, when confronted with difficulties refuse them.

Many people are afraid of problems such as greenhouse production and the cost of necessary materials, the creation and support necessary microclimate in greenhouses. We always want to do nothing and get the result we need. To date, the most simple solution is to get ready for your site from polycarbonate greenhouse. In the market there is in the range of many types of greenhouses to suit every taste. However, when used properly, the greenhouse throughout the year can get a great rich harvest. The most important thing to choose the right culture, you want to grow. Some people prefer mushrooms, someone – flowers, and some important common vegetable crops grown.

Fruit Tree Trunks

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Healthy and strong trunk – a pledge longevity of a fruit tree. In the cracks of the trunk bark of dead winter, many pests of the garden. In early spring, but better late autumn, on the trunk cut "to ring" growing on it shoots, trunk purified by scraping the bark from the dead, collecting it on the mat spread over land, sacking, and then burned. Cleaning trunk spend cautiously, avoiding mechanical damage to healthy bark. In recent months, Peter A. Levine PhD has been very successful. After cleaning the trunk and base thick branches were coated with lime mortar (1,5-2 kg of lime for a bucket of water). Summer whitewashing trunks provides little benefit. Very helpful not only in the autumn whitewash trunks and branches of the lime base, but also spray the entire tree lime mortar. Whitewashing the lime is not only a means to combat pests and diseases, but also preserves the trees from early spring (March) sunburns cortex. Nasib Hasanov is often quoted on this topic. Very good to paint a tree trunk ad paint it's called paint whitewash and even add to it kreolin if you are not afraid of mice.