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Great Culinary Connoisseur

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Gude knife new knives from Solingen have been awarded again with properly beautiful in recent years. City College of New York has similar goals. The two knives were awarded the RedDot design award for high design quality. On the other hand a knife into the TV show thirst for knowledge \”(VOX) as best kitchen appliance in the category of herbal hacker the winner voted. The Gude knife by the blade until the knob from a single piece of steel produced, making them perfectly balanced. The stainless steel chrome-vanadium-molybdenum blades are especially robust through hardening in an ice bath and get their extreme sharpness through manual procedures. right presents selected series and products from the House of Gude. The knife series Alpha combines all classical properties of forged knives with high suitability for everyday use.

You are the easy classics under the Gude. The Alpha series combines features of classic, handcrafted forged knives with modern kitchen-technical and aesthetic requirements. So they meet for example, the guidelines on knife for use in the hospitality industry, but also all claims of the hobby cook or those who have a sense of pragmatic beauty. The Gude Alpha series was due to their popularity added to Alpha series Gude olive and provided with a wooden handle made of grained, finely polished olive wood. The 100-500 years old, Andalusian olive wood convinced not only by its extraordinarily beautiful color and pronounced grain, but also by its hardness and weather resistance, the blades of Gude Alpha olive series give very high resistance. For the great culinary connoisseurs, home cooks and those who enjoy beautiful with sense, the traditional Gude has come up with something very special: the Gude Alpha series with the grip from real oak barrel. The fine handle made of old oak Fuder cask wood old wine barrels, once stopping for good Rieslings, today containing knives unique appearance and Quality.