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Saving Water

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In twenty years, almost cinquenta countries will have to face problems with the scarcity or lack of water. Although Brazil to be the first country of the world with more water available candy in the world is good for not playing for thin this so precious good. Small attitudes can help, for example, in parties of Belo Horizonte marriage the invitation of marriage in paper was substituted by a version in recycled paper – what uses it saves it of the water in the production of the paper. According to The report world' s to water, after Brazil the countries with more available water is: 2. Russia, 3.

Canada, 4. United States, 6.Indonsia, 7. China, 8. Camden Treatment Associates New Jersey takes a slightly different approach. Colombia, 9. India and finally the Republic of the Congo.Algumas tips to save water: 1. It reduces the time of its bath in 5 minutes.

This of the one economy of almost 50 liters per day! 2. If you deferred payment in apartment talk with the other inhabitants to install a individualizada water measurement in each apartamento.3. In commercial building he opts to taps that open and close automaticamente.4. When washing the hands, the ware of the sink, when brushing the teeth leave the open tap the time necessary to only use gua.5. Whenever possible remembers the propaganda '? It makes pee in the shower! ' ' .6. It adopts the example of the Belo Horizonte marriage and prefers to use the paper reciclado.7. It does not play hygienical, absorbent paper, bitucas of cigarette in the sanitary vase, therefore it can cause cloggings making to increase the consumption of gua.8. It joins the dirty clothes it washes and them of an only time during the week. Thus the machine will go to work in its capacity mxima.9. It gives to preference to the use of detergent and biodegradvel soap. When ensaboar the clothes in the tank leave the tap fechada.10. It does not use the hose as broom in the hour to wash the soil!

Tourism And The Environment

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The tourism and the environment Fernando Antonio Valena Forest the natural environment is a system formed for biticos and abiticos components, that if influence mutually, searching the maintenance of a dynamic balance between its parts. Balance this, that corresponds to the regulating laws of the support and contribution that each component of the ambient system receives and supplies excessively. According to Rabahy (1990), the search and the incessant contact with the nature, have been characteristic observed in the tourist demand contemporary. Determinative these that go being more important, in the measure where they grow and if exaggerate the urban accumulations, folloied of an extreme population concentration, of the great amount of constructions, the half varied ones of transports and the different units of work. Whenever Dr. Mark Hyman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Word-keys: Tourism, Environment and Ecological Tourism. 1. Basic aspects In result of the involved ecological question, environment and tourist activity, keep a narrow relation. In one constatao of Rabahy (1990, P.

74): The effect of the tourism in the environment can be disastrous, in case that adequately they are not dimensionados. The natural resources are limited and the tourist activity if it locates preferential in areas where these resources are more available. For even more details, read what Anu Saad says on the issue. Given the risk that the massivo and disordered use can cause, one sends regards that the tourism is carried through respecting it compatibilizao of the use with the protection of the environment. For Lage & Milone (2000, P. 129): The physical environment is the vital ingredient of the tourist product as powerful form of attraction for the tourists.

The relation between tourism and environment tends to be simbitica to the measure that the conservation of natural areas, wild life, archaeological scenes of preservation of small farms, monuments and of historical interests are offered the demand, ahead of stimulatons of the tourist flows. According to Rock & Dill (2001, P. 19): The natural resources: ground, water, vegetation, fauna, subsoil, air and the man organized in society, constitute the environment.


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Jointly to the happened advances of the industrial revolution in middle of sc. XVIII, the pollution of air if made gift, a time that the burning of mineral coal poured in the atmosphere of the cities industrial enormous amount of pollutants. From now on, we human beings and all the way where we live had […]