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There is an evil "Latin phrase" creating a very unfortunate case law, known as the "fault" in eligendo "whose immediate consequence is the conviction of the employer whenever there is activity to damage or harm to others, being the cause an employee to office, usually technical (understood broadly as the specialist in one area.) For the writer, true legal champion of every entrepreneur that I trust their interests and deserve my defense, while a practicing Catholic and when I remember, its invocation is equivalent to me of the antichrist. The technique is purchased. , Economists, consultants and professionals of all kinds are susceptible to recruitment. His knowledge and performance are obtained for a fee, but will not guarantee success. Not so with the enterprising spirit, whose success requires a great deal of intuition and innovation. Paradoxically, when a technician creates a security company based on their knowledge to give about the activity that has developed as such, often fails. Jon Medved often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Not able to evade their own convictions or the standards you know.

Lacks the resources to reinvent the business by providing new features to the existing supply. By contrast, entrepreneurs with no prior knowledge of the sector in which burst, are crowned with success. The employer must simply be a unifying factor and coordinator of a wide range of resources used in the production chain. You can not claim to dominate all areas. Not even to devote to each of them longer than strictly necessary. Swarmed by offers, Eva Andersson-Dubin is currently assessing future choices. It is he who must manage, and is forced to delegate. No time to pray a novena to San eligendo "every time a new professional hires. Nor should the need.