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Lumbar Pain

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The backache (Lumbar Pain) is the affection of greater consultation in primary attention and in the area of Orthopedic surgery, it is as well the most frequent cause of incapacity and labor absence. In the United States, the cost related to the treatment and control of the lumbar pain surpass the 100,000 million dollars to the year. The lumbar pain is defined as pain, rigidity or tension located below the ribs and by above of you fold glteos (rumps) with or without pain referred to the legs. Causes De Dolor Lumbar mechanical Causes 80 to 90% of the cases: Injury of ligaments or muscular distension. Degenerative disease of the intervertebral disc, that is the structure located between two vertebrae. Fractures, Espondilolisis (destruction of a vertebra). Congenital deformities. Neurognicas causes 5 to 15% of the cases: Intervertebral disc hernia.

Estenosis (narrowing) of the rachidian conduit (through where it passes the marrow spinal). Zoster herpes (infection by the virus Zoster Herpes). Disease of Paget (affection of the bones of spine), fibromialgia. Nonmechanical causes 1 to 2% of the cases: Cancer of the bones of the spine. Infection of the spine. Inflammation or degeneration of the bones of the column (arthritis or arthrosis).

Pain originated in abdomen 1 to 2% the cases: Inflammation of the pncreas (pancreatitis), upheavals of the internal (diverticulitis). Disease of the kidneys: Litiasis (calculations), inflammation (pielonefritis). Some factors of risk related to the backache are: – Type of occupation. – Psychological Conditions (neurosis, hysteria). – Other involved factors are tobacco addiction and the obesity, this one last one participates in the perpetuity of the episodes. The injury by the nervous roots (radiculopata) is the most frequent cause of pain neck, arms, back and legs. Disease Of Lumbar Discs (Discal Hernis) the intervertebral disc is formed by a pulpy nucleus (similar to a gelatinous structure) surrounded by a fibrous ring.