Posted by on July 8, 2021

Many times believe that writing thousands of e-mails and clicking send to the list of subscribers will be enough and more than enough to sell thousands of dollars. Many times we forget the real value of the list of subscribers, we forget that they are real people who think and Act and to which we must respect. J. Craig Venter can provide more clarity in the matter. IF! respect that I say this? Because in the majority of cases with the desire to sell we neglect the purpose that truly have our list of subscribers. We dedicated our emails to sell offer and press buy through links of affiliated or own. Look at these 3 steps to establish relationship with your subscribers and keep them in your list for a long time.

1 Learn more about them; invests time in knowing who opens, that links them are clicking and analyses they like, depending on links that open iras segmenting. AWeber has the perfect tool to do so, takes advantage of the features that your autoresponder gives you and hotlink. 2 Provides them what your subscribers require; If looking at your list of subscribers you das account than any of your products not conform them, no matter! Search in the market that are useful to them. Today in the market of affiliate there are thousands of possibilities, only have to find them and offer them. Don’t be afraid to buy elsewhere, to stay with you if what your offer them is of value and trust. 3. Then continued inquiring about their needs; This will make you grow as an entrepreneur and make your business grow. You are sincere, let them know that you are on their side and you are capable of anything for them. Don’t be stingy, narrow-minded people always have more to lose that which give much, when you offer true and abundant information subscribers will stay with you! If your you use Aweber and you would like to learn more about the features of this powerful weapon of email marketing invite you to follow me on to others in the blog not only accounts with tutorials and updates from Aweber but you will also find information about email marketing.