Russian Medical Services

Posted by on June 15, 2020as

It is no longer a mystery how 'free' prescribed fees for medical services in the Russian medical centers and that thrive in our commodity-money relations between patient and doctor. As a result, if the reason on the basis of costs, treatment in Germany some cases it is less zatranym in money than in Russia. To Germany for treatment come from people all over the world including USA, England and other European countries, which largely occurs because of deliberate and skillful price policy, which is regulated by the state. Moreover, even in the average German clinics in three patients with a medical expert relies, that allows to keep under the supervision of patients and respond to any deviations in the state. Our 'bezvozdmezdnaya' medicine is in fact a privately paid, but the level of her from this not only increases but also decreases as the medical centers saturate Doctors who do not have the experience and qualifications. In Germany there are approximately 2250 public hospitals, private clinics, multi-university hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers, as well as motels and resorts for rehabilitation services to patients, and everywhere in these health care workers' doctors of the highest level. The presence of random specialists in public health in Germany is unacceptable definition, in addition to this European country there is a rigid system of selection of doctors and criteria for admission to private medical practice. To get on the prerogatives of the German doctors in private practice takes years, and this is another guarantee that doctors will not jeopardize his reputation and the likelihood of work in order to receive a one-time gains.