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Then set up your blog and publish that article. Your niche site is now live. To make the structure of your site more effective, be sure to choose a blog that allows the use of categories such as Word Press or Moveable Type. Use your 10 most important keywords as the name of the categories. Then file all your secondary keyword articles in those categories. Why is this so important? If you keep building your site with words Key rich articles, eventually there could be hundreds of pages. Each of these pages will link to their 10 categories. And each of those links uses anchor text of the most important keywords.

As a result of keyword to all inmates of rich links, your site will end up ranking very well in search engines for category names. Now is the time to set up your traffic strategy. This is a blog where it really shines. There are many special RSS, blog directories that are hungry for food. By submitting your new blog to these directories, you can start getting traffic almost immediately.

Often these foods will result in more traffic that all the major search engines combined. This is why it makes sense to build your niche site like a blog. You can have twice the traffic and do it much faster than with a static site. Here is a list of some of the RSS / Blog directories you should submit your site to: Once you submit your site to directories, you can get indexed by Yahoo almost immediately by adding your RSS feed to your MyYahoo page. If you do not have a MyYahoo page, just go to now click on the MyYahoo link at the top and create your free account. Once you have created your account, click Add Content, then add the URL of your blog RSS feed in the table of contents. When you return to your MyYahoo page, your blog, as well as his first post should be shown. If you will look at your website statistics for your site, you will find that the Yahoo spider has already made a visit! In its new site should be indexed on Yahoo in just a couple of days. It is a strategy that some marketers are sold at $ 50 a few months ago. And it works like a charm. Each time you add an entry, you can alert the RSS / Blog Directory "ping" them. "There is a wonderful site that makes this very easy. Just enter the URL of your blog and we will send your Pingomatic ping to Yahoo and other directories around 15 large. Leading to the spiders back to your site almost immediately! During the first month, I would suggest that you write and add a new article every day. Blogs that are updated frequently to get more traffic. And you will find that the major search engines will spider your site every day. After a month, you will have a 30-article niche site that is already getting a lot of traffic. If you've monetized your site with Adsense and affiliate programs related, you must also make money now. Once you have begun to build niche sites with a blog, I will never do it the old way again! For more tips and ideas on how to make money blog, make sure to visit my "Why should marketing blog" weblog at (what else)