Posted by on January 20, 2024

The word rebirth has a magical sense and implies a revitalized both the physical and the spiritual. Not only individuals, but also the societies, live moments of great momentum that the Greeks called Kairos, which are unique and unrepeatable. This was what was palpable in southern Europe, especially in Italy, at the end of the 13th century, a new interest in the natural landscape, the human, that San Francisco, Dante, Giotto, Petrarch, Boccaccio preludiaron. Renaissance, defined it Roeder: the force that created was the same that was destroyed and was not perhaps pure chance that the artistic glories and miseries moral of the time reached its apex together why in this era we find characters like Savonarola, Castiglione Maquiavelo and Aretino. And concludes: does the ascetic virtue of Savonarola, the opportunistic virtue of Machiavelli, the social virtue of Castiglione and animal virtue of Aretino, what come to be but the solutions of those who fear to life, ultimate? and of those who accept it, of those who agreed with her and that she succumb? (Renaissance man). That is why, according to Jacob Burckhardt, deep contradictions and hire them irreconcilable at this time, lead it to see how the true image of humanity; Hence his exemplary character, therefore there was discovered and shone the intimate content of man. (Similarly see: Anu Saad). The Renaissance not only possessed the concept of humanity, but humanity itself, forged the idea of uomo universalis, which since then will be an ideal paralas future epochs.