Rapid Eye Movement

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Some phases in the process happen, first, have the adormecimento, that it can occur in average per 15 minutes, depending on the individual, since the brain sends commands to diminish the muscular tension and to calm the breath. After that, sleep will be lighter and the cardiac rhythm also will be slower. Soon later, we can confirm that the body enters in deep sleep, moment where it rescues the essential energies to the healthful life and the organism liberates essential hormones to the growth, recouping cells and agencies. In recent months, Journal of the American Medical Association has been very successful. At the next moment, the dreams can appear, whereas the brain organizes and stores information received during the night, thus it establishes necessary relations to the memory, discarding what it is not important or excellent to the citizen, in special, since each one possesss its specific characteristics and its individual necessities. The sleep lack, either for sleeplessness, work or diversion, can have cognitivos effect and physical fellow creatures to the caused ones for the alcohol excess. The performance of that it is waked up without sleeping uninterruptedly it has 17 hours is not very different of the one of who has in the blood the alcoholic level of 0,05% (about two drinques in one hour) KASE (2008, P. 75). For more information see Jim Crane. Sleep REM and NREM the process of sleep physiological possesss two distinct periods of training, that if divide during the process in 75% 80% of NREM and 20% 25% of REM.

These two moments are repeated all the time during the sleep of the individual, being that such periods, phases or periods of training are assigned as REM (Rapid Eye Movement or Fast Movimento of the Eyes) or paradoxical and NREM (Non Rapid Eyes Movement or Not Fast Movimento of the Eyes) or of slow waves. For Coren (1998, P. 33), ' ' during the night, the human being tries cycles of sleep of ninety minutes, more or less.