Physical Performance: Factors That Influence

Posted by on April 9, 2014as

Fernando Columbus In a general way, the physical performance results of a set of all the physical and mental characteristics of the individual. Some are determined at the moment of the conception, for the paternal and maternal genetic material. Other characteristics can be acquired, later, for the processes of growth, maturation and learning, while others result of the interaction of the genetic components of the individual with the environment. The porting accomplishment is a complex mixture of genetic influences and ambient, including the training, and in the attempt to reach any significant conclusion on the physical performance, it is always useful to look for to separate these factors. Some studies exist on the genetic influence and are if becoming and important quo clearly it is its influence. The training can come to perfect the characteristics of the individual, but the limit of this accomplishment genetically is predetermined. The characteristics that are important for physical performance and on which the individual has little or no control include: 1 – sex; 2 – age; 3 – somatotipo; 4 – height – distribution and type of motor units. Many of the effect of the two first factors are obvious, but few of the known points less are observed and led in account, for the training.

It is possible to demonstrate that the physicist is influenced by the specific physiological characteristics and that many of them can be measured or described. They include 0 variable as force, flexibility and capacity for some types of physical effort (endurance). Frequent they are classified as component of physical aptitude. The more if she knows on the biological effect of the exercise, if she has become each more evident time that the changes are all the had specific, anatomical, physiological adaptations and biochemists. Important to remember that the physical training has that to be carried through of specific form, for example, I have an athlete that she runs 100 meters in a time olmpico; if I to take this corridor for a training of Jud, its exploitation in level of physical performance will be null and vice versa. Then, we have that to think that a specific physical training provokes specific adaptations in the body of the athlete. The physicist has an important influence in the athletical performance, but in extension very limited he is on the control of the individual.