Pharmaceutical Industry Exposes

Posted by on January 11, 2014

Cholesterinspiegelsenkende drugs are often unnecessary! (Cologne – 31 January 2007): Permits by fish, soy, psyllium, and lecithin, the cholesterol levels by up to 30 percent lower risk of heart attack in half and thus emphasizes medicine journalist Luisa Marino from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) lower today with the presentation of his book "cholesterol levels naturally. Yet millions of people in Germany receive cholesterinspiegelsenkende expensive drugs (so-called lipid-lowering drugs) prescribed by your doctor. Because the pharmaceutical industry is to blame, because it stirs up decades the cholesterol hysteria and makes millions of people to patients. Always try to give new campaigns that a cholesterol level above 200 mg / dL is dangerous. This is the total cholesterol to the risk assessment is totally inadequate, says the veteran medical journalist Luisa Marino. Much more meaningful than the total cholesterol is the ratio of HDL to LDL. The HDL isvasoprotective and should therefore be as high as possible, but at least about 45 mg / dl, says Mueller Nothmann. In contrast, the LDL promotes vascular changes that eventually lead to arterial occlusion with the consequence of myocardial infarction. The LDL, which doctors describe as understandable "bad cholesterol", should be below 160 mg / dl. The LDL-HDL ratio ideally located less than three. Luisa Marino gives up the motto "HDL and LDL down cheerfully keeps the heart and arteries!" Off. The measurement of HDL and LDL levels is now available in many pharmacies cheap. Too high LDL levels and low HDL levels are primarily an indication of lack of exercise and malnutrition. The HDL increased by regular exercise. And LDL decreases by a fat-modified diet with plenty of fish, low in saturated fat from fatty meats and cheese and fatty sausage. The ideal vegetable fat are canola, linseed and walnut oil, and diet margarine, with LDL-loweringPhytosterols is enriched. Water-soluble dietary fibers such as oligofructose recognize – easy on the Beneo logo – and pectin from apples or Plantago ovata seed shells from the pharmacy also reduce the cholesterol level. The same applies to lecithin derived from soy and eggs. Therefore, even eggs for cholesterol and heart patients safe, covers Muller Nothmann on a modern diet stories. Eggs do not increase as the cholesterol, but lower it vigorously contained lecithin. In addition, soy products like tofu and soymilk reduce LDL significantly. Overall, it is by natural cholesterol-lowering drugs, which include the artichoke belongs to reduce LDL by up to 30 percent. Cardiologists suggest that decreases with a one percent LDL lowering risk of heart attack by two percent. Before cholesterinspiegelsenkende patients are taking drugs that are burdened with many side effects, they should switch three months the diet and increase exercise. In most cases, the showsproximate analysis of the blood fats that the danger is over, raises Muller-out Nothmann. Natural cholesterol-lowering drugs, which describes reduce Luisa Marino together with the nutritionist Katrin Raschke in his guide "cholesterol naturally" bring just more for the health, cost little and will not compromise the body through the side effects. Individual free information on elevated blood lipid levels by cardiologist and a nutritionist and dietician allows qualified specialist advice portal .