Original Gift March

Posted by on September 8, 2017

March 19, father’s day, is upon us. However, each year are presents the eternal questions about the ideal gift for our parents. And is that, leaving aside the more typical gifts (clock, perfume, portfolio, necktie), have always wanted to make an original gift, where there. That is why many are already committed to gift baskets of fruit (oranges, mandarins, lemons). Yes, have heard right, fruit, but with a key nuance: ecological. Because when we give away organic citrus kill two birds with one stone, or can that three… In the first place will be a present that is sure will surprise you, because that comes out of the mentioned topics and why so many times we waste much money without knowing if the election has been successful.

On the other hand, we contribute respect for environment, acquiring a few products grown without pesticides or chemicals and, finally, guarantee more nutritional content and more flavor than traditional farming citrus fruits. Without a doubt, a good gift that will surely never forget, taking into account the hectic life we carry, which many times nor allows us to enjoy the taste so characteristic of the Earth, directly from the farm to the table. And if you prefer an original gift with an acidified touch, do not hesitate: ecological kumquat will be your best choice… This small citrus can leverage it in infinity of dishes, such as salads, stews or simply as decorative element. Also eaten with skin, giving this a very pleasant semiacido taste on the palate. Their substantial nutritional qualities of ecological kumquat include vitamin C (if it comes from organic farming has more amount of vitamin B12), folic acid, magnesium (which has a mild laxative effect), calcium and potassium, which is essential for a good muscle activity. Visit original author and source of the article.