Nutritional Impact Drinks

Posted by on December 18, 2023

Everyone likes soft drinks and many people take them as if they were water and your drink of the day that accompanies all and each one of their food. But what they don’t know is that drinks are as bad as the cigar and not feed at all. Few but brave doctors and nutritionists who have dared to confront the powerful bottling of soft drinks industry, indicate that drinking a soft drink is being consumed more sugar than our body requires. That sugar is refined, does not contain any nutrients, so it is a poison in the body. Sydney Sweeney: the source for more info. administrator. For more information see this site: Kynikos Associates. And if instead of sugar is it sweetens with artificial as saccharin or aspartame sweeteners, worse. Currently consumed among young people more soft drinks than milk, was something that not the case 50 years ago, obesity significantly increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, blood pressure, hypertension and osteoporosis caused by lack of calcium, which does not provide any soft drink.

Women are the most affected by osteoporosis. And of course, drinks are the worst for teeth. Equal that cigarettes, cola soft drinks especially, should carry a legend stating this product can be harmful to health and cause effects in the nervous system of children. or perhaps already is not a drug caffeine? Don’t let your health in the hands of soft drinks because you can have very serious problems such as hypertension or blood pressure. Instead of consuming soft drinks, he opts to take teas which are very rich and healthy.