Knowing Control

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THE world is full of pain that generates suffering. The root of suffering is desire. If you want to RIP that kind of pain, will have to start you desire (Buddha) a man is not unhappy because of ambition, but because it devours it. Montesquie introduction not be denied the right to each person having their ambitions towards your personal growth, seize the opportunity of life that it has granted us, but we must not be trapped by it, especially when involves damage to others, affectations that often are fatal in scope, especially when you don’t know it will handle and gives way to the powerwanting to control everything. The truth, than for those who have been identified with their personal growth in pro enjoy your life intensely, serving others, fulfill their mission of the by that pass with this form for this dimension, they must know identify the scope of ambition and know it handle. Overview, considerations, scope with regard to the topic gives us I consider that the ambition is burning desire to gain power, wealth, dignities, or fame. Adds us also, that the problem of ambition is not in the laudable desire to prosper, or concern healthy for aspiring to a better standard of living, within reasonable limits, but to convert the very existence in struggle, violence and feverish activity by the wealth, personal concealment, praise, the admirations, unbridled ambitionambition as behavior and lifestyle, is not only one of the most serious impediments of human happiness, but that you can get to impoverish and destroy the heart of man and its most noble sentiments.