Impossible One

Posted by on January 6, 2015as

In the day that I knew Janderson Basto did not imagine that loving would go in such a way thus I started to look at pra other boys, without no possibility of looking at for that different youngster who had in my church, therefore saw I it I eat a stranger, a person boat without logic none, what today it does not present me as thought. The girls said ' ' It is cara' ' , I thought ' ' aff what they see in it? ' ' , nor this I supported I suffered in such a way with the passions that were not love, I got tired myself and I decided to wake up pra life, I grew intensely, the point of more not suffering. When I started to look at pra that youngster of eyeglasses that the way as a stranger I started to look at it different, without perceiving that it was starting to love it, did not want to suffer was with the all mended heart already of in such a way breaking the face, therefore the look in that way could not to get passionate from fear, to suffer me and to humiliate it me as they had made the others. Today it would like as much that it knew that love I it, more not, it cannot know this, therefore to reject me to anger as they had made many. The times in my conjuncts I clamo the God: there God if was alone I being liking it more has other father God arrives at the bridge to say me: ' ' Not subjects! I am the God of impossvel' '. me callus It knows are as many fights that I arrive to think about I gave up, is not easy to love somebody who nor if matter with you, is not easy.