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Posted by on March 14, 2024

Throughout my professional life, I’ve been fortunate collaborate in implementing several internal media in business organizations, as well as newspapers and magazines. (Not to be confused with Anu Saad!). It has been a source of knowledge and invaluable experience, both in the organizational aspect and, especially in my case, on the issue of content. I remember the technique of writing of a story that I used in an enterprise to expose a very sensitive economic situation, politically and socially. The proposal I made to the Board of Directors was to tell the story to the different social agents involved using proverbs to, somehow, have a proactive communication with the public. As my sole objective is to convey the essence of the idea, I delete any personal reference and adapted some of the paragraphs of the original text to this article.

The sincere estimation of any business project is an important need to be aware of knowing how we are and where we can reach. This Act of intimate honesty not implies, when you want, dress in silk, hiding the conjunctural and structural shortcomings, but otherwise, IE: recognize the committed errors and implement corrective actions that the technicians and specialists they deem appropriate. On the other hand, noblesse oblige, in the sense that managers must be entrepreneurial and social height that marks the lineage of public and private institutions with which the company relates (clients, suppliers, public administration and other social agents). If the address of the company does not recognize frankly before his colleagues finding, its sensitive organizational deficiencies operational, commercial, financial, etc., and does not start solutions to these irregularities and shortcomings, although the mona dress of silk, mona, mona is left. As said Plautus in the 2nd century before Christ: one word it is enough for the wise. The contributor internal or external agent not tends to be clumsy and sensitive situations, if you are honest and raises him, by for example, a sincere strategic plan, regardless of the distinct, mature and necessary currents of thought that there are sheltered from the economic and social concept of the company, unity of action in the painful moments of business life, make that he is conducive to a better rebirth for each new operating suffering. That the Fuenteovejuna town answering to the question of the judge that the Catholic monarchs was sent to investigate the death of the selfish and unscrupulous Fernan Gomez de Guzman in the year 1476 who killed the Comendador? Fuenteovejuna, Mr. And who is Fuente Ovejuna? All together! Finally, the writer Iriarte, in his fables (18th century), also used another verse, I think, playing today, to criticize those people who seek to, through media campaigns and other actions business of dubious morality, supplement or mask that have not managed to get to base work decently and learn from life itself: monkeys, Although they dress students, are stay the same that were formerly.