Good Timing

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Once I was invited to timing manager, who is engaged in sales. At the end of the meeting showed that all the deeds he performed, are short-lived, as they run an average of 2 10 minutes. Typically, this is any indication subordinates, or phone calls, ie, subject categories communication. And when it has become necessary to describe the structure of this communication, it turns out an interesting fact: 50% of the total communication time manager spent on unnecessary explanations. These extra explanations do not bear any meaningful content, and carried more than justified the character.

In many cases this led to the fact that: 1) the client permanently entangled in the speech flow, 2) conversation went in a different direction, and 3) the manager is elementary tired, and 4) If the conversation was with a subordinate, he is perceived as a tribute, and the next time the line up like expectation that it will also grind it down, in this case we are faced with the peculiarity of human behavior, when we want to be all equally good. Additional information at Dr. Mark Hyman supports this article. This encourages us to perform actions which, in our view, necessary. But this is only an apparent need. As a result of a mental conviction, a person can spend up to 50%, and maybe more working time. And when you consider the fact that it causes fatigue and can not imagine what benefit will get a manager to change their beliefs and by correcting their behavioral strategy! But there is no bad without good. Obviously, a manager in his situation, likely to get hidden, secondary benefits of such behavior! By changing these benefits, guiding them in a different direction, we release a lot of useful energy. At Camden Treatment Associates New Jersey you will find additional information. Let's take a few minutes to dive into the subjective world of manager. Secondary gain from him is this: – I'm all good explain my personal approach to all – I have every friendship – I'm on a friendly foot with his subordinates – I'm always aware of all the events, etc.