Four Happy Children

Posted by on February 16, 2024as

When a yacht tips over, I know it is? than me!? can do something to correct it. When we are cutting our way through a narrow channel, I know how to avoid hitting unseen rocks or boats, and when my children are sitting on the deck, I know how to rescue them if they fall into the water. Education is the key, and unfortunately, this means that I, as the new owner of a yacht of terror, now face the prospect of learning to surf, so I'm not frightened of sailing. But my reluctance stems not only from fear. There are many reasons why I have no interest in navigation. It's cold. Wet. In general, rain, and always uncomfortable.

Be honest now. How many good nights sleep "Have you ever been on a yacht? And yes, while there are about three days each year when weather, location and company combine to make navigation on a happy experience what they actually do for the other 362 days when not? My husband thinks it does. And so, nine years after having exchanged our boat for a baby and a pair of patio doors, I finally relented. We bought a yacht. a l is happy.

The children are happy. What about me?. I have come up with some basic rules to make me happy? The Rule of Four in the Force? The sailor is not reluctant to set foot in the boat, even if the forecast points to the winds above force 4.