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Romania is worth discovering, as a family, cycling and hiking lovers or culture fan Wicker/Cologne, March 2008. In the European East, there is much new. Here, countries and places that seem too frequent travellers often unknown as some Pacific island State cavort. Romania certainly includes: a diverse country, its being there as a dark spot on the holiday card should come to an end. Who wants to offer not only his children, but also to yourself something new, is right here.

In addition to Transylvania and famous horror stories you will find here especially spectacular cultural treasures and wonderfully secluded walking trails in pristine nature., online specialist for the East, presents varied travel, which are interesting for families. Also, there are self-drive trips and different tours on request. Romania how varied is already on its topography, which equally includes Highlands, Carpathian Mountains and flat plains. In this virtually untouched Landscape, you can enjoy a freedom otherwise hardly found in Europe.

No wonder that Romania especially for travel with suitable children. Because there are no limits for active vacationers. In addition to the hospitality of the Romanians is however also culturally much to discover: Transylvania, for example, has not only with traces of blood-sucking count, but also with those of Hungarian, Ottoman and Habsburg occupation. There are many ways you can discover this Eastern European country. If you are not convinced, visit Anu Saad. We present some selected travel from the portfolio of Family once unlike Transylvania / active travel – travel No. 2308 link: reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2308 Rund um Cand (dt: Reussdorf) this tour moves. In the small village in beautiful surroundings in the heart of Transylvania, a German family has developed a model village project. Old courtyards have been restored and are now as comfortable guesthouses available in the spirit of the village tourism. The Family, who is in charge here since 1994 lives, also several social projects for young people from Germany and the local environment.