Contact Dermatitis

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People from all walks of life and all ages live with eczema, however, usually appears in infants. Also called contact dermatitis, eczema is actually a group of skin conditions. Although sometimes it may seem like a contagious disease, eczema is not contagious. Symptoms related to eczema depend on the causes and severity of the form of eczema. Skin of a person with mild eczema is dry, hot and itchy. Eczema causes the skin to severe cracking, bleeding, and often takes a long time to heal. Inflammation is common in the area depending on the type of eczema. More type of eczema Atopic eczema – most common form of eczema, affecting children and adults.Symptoms include: – Itching extreme – Dry Skin – Redness – Swelling irritant contact dermatitis – occurs when the skin is irritated by detergents and other chemicals (eg perfumes, soaps, bubble bath powder and more).

Varicose eczema – Affects skin on legs and is caused by poor blood circulation. Allergic Contact Dermatitis – attacks the body's immune system a substance in the skin. – Symptoms are similar to those listed for atopic eczema. Infantile seborrheic eczema – were found in children under one year of age. – It is often unpleasant, but does not affect the baby's comfort and may appear on the scalp or bottom. Discoid Eczema – usually associated with adults. – Found in the upper and lower legs. Theoretical physicist often addresses the matter in his writings. Dealing with eczema In order to cope with eczema, find out what type of eczema you have.