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Selected courses in the BSA course trip complete not only celebrities, managers and professional athletes, more and more individuals want an intensive, targeted and individual care by a personal fitness coach. The theme of personal training is an exciting topic for Studio owner / Director, because by your own personal trainer, you can successfully put off by competitors, additional sources of income and in the Studio attract new customers, which so far haven’t found their way into the company. Personal trainer support their customers through individually tailored programs in the fields of exercise, nutrition and relaxation/stress management. The areas are partly very different. For this reason, complete courses individually transferable together participants in the BSA-Akademie in the fitness – and health-related fields and purchase so the know-how that offers their customers a professional personal trainer. “Important: the BSA-personal-trainer certificate” combines at least a basic qualification, two building qualification and two more courses of the Academy of the BSA.

“‘ Free choice of the two other courses” are made of the qualifications of the specialist areas of fitness / individual training “, nutrition, relaxation/stress management’ and fitness / training, health promotion. The order and time design is left to the participants. Upon completion of the certificate are the personal trainers able to serve their customers in accordance with their individual objectives. Courses on Majorca individually you combine qualify yet as to the personal trainer with a focus on fitness training and attend to BSA-base or building skills on Mallorca. So, you have the possibility to fully concentrate to gain distance from the stressful everyday and this high-quality to qualify on the lessons. If you rather want your focus on the field of nutrition, then sign up to the basic qualification nutrition coach-B license”in order to the BSA course trip on. Participation in this course puts you in the position of health – and fitness-oriented diet deliberations.