Bodybuilders and Abdominal Muscles

Posted by on January 7, 2015as

Paradoxically, many modern bodybuilders manage to combine the sharpness of abdominal muscles, low body fat, and "pregnancy"! It is this impression arises in the presence of ptosis (drooping) of the internal organs, unthinkable in the days of Serge Nyubre and Chris Dickerson, when the judges appreciated not only the massive and "obodrannost" muscle champions, but also the aesthetics of their proportional bodies, in particular, narrow, tighten the waist. Here are the possible causes of ptosis of the abdominal cavity in athletes: 1. Overly large portions of food, swallows bodybuilder in pursuit of an extreme "weight". 2. Wrong strategy for training the abdominal muscles, aimed only at developing a bump and oblique muscles, but can not compensate for such unsightly bulging belly.

A brief overview of anatomy of muscles anterior and lateral walls of the abdominal rectus abdominis – m. rectus abdominis. The same "tape of the dice, much valued in aesthetic terms. Long, steam room, flat muscle, cartilage, stretching from V-VII ribs and xiphoid process to pubic bone. Muscle interrupted by three or four transverse tendinous intersections, which creates a kind of the same "washboard". Action: is part of the abdominal, torso tilts forward, brings the sternum to the pelvic area. Direct abdominis muscle – one of the strong abdominal muscles, a powerful flexor spine. Strengthen this muscle are two basic types of exercises: raising the legs and pelvis when a fixed thoracic cage in the sitting position and supine, lifting the torso at a fixed pelvis in the supine position.