BEST Aircraft Fund

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The independent INVESTMENT Fund experts examined this question. A quantitative and qualitative procedures selected the best Fund and initiator of the Fund experts from INVESTMENT in the network of the time Warner group, which have created international comparison parameters. Substantive standards were placed on – and particularly important – in order to avoid conflicts of interest, the analyses were not – like at all other ratings – paid by the initiators or commissioned. Click Dr. Hyun Kim to learn more. \”Dr. Peters was awarded for his funds: in the category of aircraft Fund\” the initiator was ranked first with his DS Fund No.

134 of aircraft Fund IX. INVESTMENT: Why have you chosen for the emission? Jurgen Salamon: I assume that your question relating to our funds, which invest in aircraft. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations. Advance a short digression to our company: the Dr. Peters group for more than 33 years closed-end funds sets, in which Segments aerospace, shipping, real estate and secondary market of U.S. life insurance companies have invested. With a cumulative total investment of 5.89 billion euros and a raised capital amounting to 2.85 billion euros, our House is one of the oldest, largest and most successful issuer of closed-end funds in Germany. The current investment focus in the air and shipping.

Measured on the viability of our House manages the largest merchant fleet of in Germany and the eighth-largest tanker fleet in the world (source: INTERTANKO ranking of the ten largest independent tanker fleet owner). In the area of aircraft funds, our home for the years 2007 and 2008 may call leader. Our funds invested heavily in the four first line service delivered Airbus A380-800 received special attention from the public. Back to your question. Dr. Peters group follows in all segments of the investment Dynamics & safety product philosophy\”(DS). Dynamics\”is Dr. Peters the adjustment of revenue on cost of living, as well as products derived from dynamic markets.