All The Skis

Posted by on February 8, 2024as

Breaking kilometer after kilometer cross-country skiing, we rarely think about the fact that such a walk – not only pleasant, but also a serious workout. Incidentally, skiing (such as cycling) is cyclic. When walking, skiing, we often perform the same movement, with the work many muscle groups: calves, thighs and buttocks, muscles of the back and chest. When walking on skis produced rhythmic breathing, increases the amount of oxygen entering the body, resulting in improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and improve health. Such a load on the body is called the aerobic and is an excellent tool for getting rid of excess calories and maintain muscle tone.

In general, a harmonious combination of business with pleasure. Skiing is a moderate physical exercise and good training the whole body, especially the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Very positive impact on cross-country skiing neuro-psychological system. Intensive work the muscles on admission of fresh air has stimulating effect on the body, increases mental and physical tension and creates a good mood. Winter Forest and quiet, picturesque natural scenery, sparkling and shimmering in the sun causes the snow joyful emotions, leading to the unloading of the nervous system and a more balanced psychological state. Duration skiing determined age and fitness dealing with light medical indications. Reasonable period of walking at a moderate movement can be considered from 30-40 minutes to 3-4 hours. Of course, it's better once to stand on skis than re-reading materials for them. Therefore, faster determined by the choice and ride to health!