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The inadequate handle can generate injuries mamilares, causing pain and discomfort for the mother, what it can compromise the continuity of the aleitamento, in case that duly is not corrected. The breast-feeding technique must be corrected whenever some error will be detected. The mastite is inflammatory processes of the breast that has beginning, generally, in the second or third week after-childbirth, being able to occur, however, in any period of training of the lactation and, when not treated, it can evolve for abscess. When it has infection, occur important sistmicas manifestations, as high fever, calafrios and malaise. The mastite can occur, most of the time, unilaterally, in area located or some points of the breast. RESULTS AND QUARREL So that the practical one of breast-feeding occurs it is necessary to detach by means of the orientation, its importance related to the development and healthful growth of the child, the importance of the education as you practise educative and the necessity of if promoting and respecting, searching to understand the multiple meanings in the quarrel in the prenatal one must be standed out the importance of the exclusive maternal aleitamento in the first months of life; the advantages of the maternal aleitamento and the basic handling of breast-feeding.

It practises it of the art of the nursing is to have attitude and solution for the obstacles related for the mothers and to know to decide them without bringing any type of unreliability and encouraging practises to suckle showing it to them to the correct techniques one better interaction and to create affective bows during this process. The necessary Nurse to be convicto and enthusiastic and to have knowledge technician on maternal aleitamento, thus being able to contribute for the increase of the number of mothers whom they suckle. She is necessary to establish empatia with the mother and to be available to establish the doubts, beyond stimulating the families so that the women apiem who are pregnant or suckling.