Yoga Exercises For Beginners

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wraps his arms bent. It is necessary to lift the shoulders and head. The nose should touch the knees. In this position, rocking in all directions. Sphinx (strengthens the spine, stretches the muscles of shoulders and belly) Original position: lying on your stomach, stretch your legs and lean your forearms so that the hands were palms down and parallel to each other and your elbows just below the shoulders.

Gently bend at the waist and stomach you take away from the floor. Foot stretch Deflection of the back, do not forget to stretch your chin up. Sail (stretch your leg muscles and train your back) Starting position: sitting upright, his hands are on both sides of the thighs and legs are joined. Looking forward, straightens his shoulders and disclose the chest. In this hand should not bend, and you zavalivatsya in different directions. Paul Twine (train back legs and stretch hamstring) Starting position: Lying on your left side, left arm rests the chest area) Starting position: Lying on your back, bend your knees, feet shoulder width apart. Lifts the buttocks at first, and then back. Should be the mainstay of the foot and shoulder. Try to fix in this position. Over time, join hands behind their backs and try to reach out to their feet.