With The Holiday Car On The Road In The UK

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Very british 10 things that you pay attention to Munich, January 30, 2009 the pound has rarely been a so clear argument for holidays in the UK: in one year, it has fallen by 20 percent. The most beautiful sides of the Islands explore leisure best at their own pace with a holiday car. Holiday cars, market leader for holiday car rental worldwide, cares for 20 years, that tourists in the holiday completely hedged are mobile. 10 expert tips for stress-free travel in the UK: 1 despite all prejudices there is the typical British weather, more rain days, but many different weather zones: from sunshine about rain is on holiday car trips until winds possible, so be sure before driving the functioning of lighting and windscreen wiper system check everything. 2. who quickly accustomed to the left, helps these thoughts support: driving left, pass right. Getting the driver entry on the right side of the vehicle. After the fasten right goes there to switching with links.

The other orientation, so the function of the pedals, is identical. And it stays with the priority scheme right before links! Best time in a parking lot a little exercise. 3. traffic rules must be adhered to 100 percent, even for small speeding penalties threaten. The speed limit on motorways is 110 km/h, who exceeds 145 km/h, can be condemned as reckless drivers even to prison. Rides through the city of London day fee incidentally, from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 6:30 a by eight pounds.

Compliance with the congestion charge controlled a video surveillance system, checks the flag. There are individual streets, its using is exempt from the fee simply inquire at the rental station. 4. the safety belt is not only safe, but regulated by wear seat belts for every passenger. More info: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Children in one sitting from 3 to 12 years special device on the rear seat of the vehicle.