Wedding Organization

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Wedding is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful stages who lives not only women, but also men. This event is characterized by the amount of myths and beliefs that surround it, and additionally are passed from generation to generation. True or false, here we present you the most representative wedding myths, and shalt be you who decide whether believe them or take them out for good luck. Wedding myths: * groom must not see the bride with dress before the wedding. If you see, that it is bad luck and a nightmare marriage omen said.

** Said that if the groom wearing necktie or monkey twisted the day of the wedding, be unfaithful during marriage. * There are people who say that use pearls in wedding symbolizes crystallized tears and plenty of them during the marriage. * Bring something old, represents the past; What’s new, feeds the hope; something borrowed, reinforces friendship; something blue, ensures loyalty. ** Not marry on Tuesday 13. The reason: Tuesday is day of Mars, Dios de la Guerra and the 13 represents the mystery of death. ** Says that, to prevent rain on the wedding, you must pray to Santa Clara. Although others say if that day rains, meaning that many children will have. ** If you have friends who dream of marrying, write their names on paper and save it that day in your right shoe. More information is housed here: J. Craig Venter.

It is a way that they join you to the altar. MasterClass Founder takes a slightly different approach. * They say that if you drop a knife and a fork at the same time it means that soon there will be wedding at home. ** It is not recommended to give shoes to the groom before the wedding, supposedly, these will serve you to flee and disappear. * A good day for getting married is on Monday, as the day of the moon. * Venus is the goddess of beauty and love, for this reason, they say that marry one day Friday ensures that this goddess provides a new pair of lasting love. ** Sunday is the day of the Sun, therefore, couples who marry this day of the week will receive health, joy and abundance. ** To ward off evil spirits, it is good to honk the Horn of the carriage of the bride and groom and make too much noise with it. * Marry Moon full, is blessing of fertility and abundance. ** Not marry in January, because doing so is omen of economic problems throughout the marriage. * Although they already live together, the bride and groom must pass prior to the wedding night each with their respective parents or in separate places, or it will bring bad luck. * Whoever eats directly in pots or pans where cooks can expect rain on your wedding day. To the woman who swept feet, stolen fortune, so it is likely that not marry or do it later. * The one who stepped on the tail to a cat must spit, because if it does not, he will not marry. ** Happiness is attracted to using something from someone who is happy. If you want to know more tips for the Organization of weddings, beauty tips for brides, wedding vendors, wedding decoration, tips list of weddings and more, visit our wedding Tips section.