Walter Lippmann

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These attitudes would function, in our imagination, more as a creation of possessed inspirations of some false situations of what what we could find that it was pleasant, pleasant or until desirable in the practical one. What I want to say it is that such idea and perfect image that we make in this type of figure also come, to a large extent, of what we ahead absorb of the points of view and attitude of the people with who we get a more direct convivncia or we serve in them as model. We construct, therefore, false images in our mind. Already Walter Lippmann said who these false images or ' ' representations mentais' ' , with small or no bedding of the reality and of acentuadamente social origin, they are called ' ' esteretipos' ' also used term in psychiatry to assign certain disturbances of the mind where the characteristic emphasis would be the impulsive automatic repetition of words, gestures and acts. The act of ' ' ficar' ' , for example, it seems to ahead fill this last aspect of esteretipo of the images that we create, right? of pleasure Before, the loving feeling that appeared as fruit of a delayed and more perceivable process more became it the few manipulated, overcast, forgotten and hidden by the impulsiveneness. But if it was only for an impulsiveneness generated for hormones, natural and spontaneous in the life of any adolescent, already it would be so only natural how much it could even though be acceptable. What it occurs, this is preoccupying, is that the medias favor very so that this comes to occur of fancy and vulgar form. It has a creativity lack, for example, in the programs humorstico in the TV, currently; in such a way that the physical body of the people of what was arrived at the point to value more properly its ideas.