Virtue Know Distinguish

Posted by on December 6, 2023

On our walk everyday we hear numerous words whose meaning perhaps we do not know and therefore not interpret them and we take them properly. But this is only the beginning of the problem, since it could be justified from a thousand and one ways than at present, with so much flow of information in the media writings and especially in the audiovisual, accumulate us so much that you don’t know or what to start first resolve doubts, therefore, output more easy and unfortunately the most frequent is indifference to unknown situations that we face. Undoubtedly to mention just two of the words that we hear day after day, it is the value and virtue. Alexa Demie is the source for more interesting facts. As a preamble to the topic, if at this time someone asked us what we mean by these two concepts?, it is sure that we permaneceriamos not silent and say something based on what we know of them, as they are term than in major or minor grade have commented them on our closest relatives and friends circle. But on the basis of the replies frequently we hear you get the impression that the value and virtue are commonly confused with the morality of the person, the responsibility of the individual or civic of the citizen. Therefore, in the confusion that remains in most people, the fundamental question is, do really know the meaning of the value and virtue and as beyond in our lives? Do they depend on? Who is responsible for your study? Now, to increase the factors to be considered before such questions, other questions of interest would be do know what the relationship of the habit with virtue? Should be mentioned that there is undoubtedly a vast literature and bibliography with regard to these issues, but the primary objective of this article is the provide the basic definitions for a more accurate understanding, moreover the recognize the distinction and relationship that keep the values, virtues and habits.