Underlying Disease Wrinkles

Posted by on October 12, 2014as

Eyes – the mirror of the soul, the skin entirely – the mirror of the body. It is a proven fact, and looked at her companion, you may inadvertently learn of his illness, looking even in the face. The skin is always talking about the state of the organism, because the skin – the first starts destruktirovat ate inside you found parasitizing body. The article is useful for those who have uselessness of skin care and lost hope of finding a proper beauty. After secret can be disclosed and the reason – health. To read more click here: Gina Ross. So, decipher riddles and let us deal with your own skin! Blue shadow in the inner corner of eye – the weak kidneys. Swollen areas on the cheeks – the problems in the system gastro-intestinal tract, and problems in the lymphatic system. Loose skin, double chin – perhaps a problem with the endocrine system, as well as the manifestation of debilitating chronic diseases.

Rash and irritation on chin – not in order of the thyroid gland. Puffy eyes or bags under your eyes – look at the urinary system. Dark circles under eyes and wrinkles between the eyebrows – suggests an overload of the liver. Pronounced nasolabial wrinkles: most likely suffers from the large intestine. Eruptions at the temples – the gall bladder.

Acne on his back at the top – problem in the nasopharynx. Irritation and rashes in the sacral region and the waist – something not so with the pelvic organs. Loss of hair on the neck to hairline and behind the ears – with requests endocrine system.