Therapeutical Toys

Posted by on December 9, 2023as

INTRODUCTION the peditrico care of nursing is very including therefore involves execution of techniques, knowledge on the pathology, physical and psychic necessities. Beyond everything &#039 is basic to establish one; ' relacionamento' ' with the responsible child and its with the purpose to improve the quality of attendance and one better reply of the child to cuidado.1 For the child, independent of its etria band, its development to be hospitalized it can be a very frightful procedure and the times traumatizante therefore for the child everything that it will go to live in the internment process is ' ' estranho' ' , different of all the activities for it already lived deeply, the routine total is modified, the environment is different of its house, it if it finds distant very of its reality, far from its familiar and friends and being obliged to establish bonds with the health professionals. For the child this estapa to create bonds with the health professionals can very be difficult therefore it understands that they are they who cause them ' ' dores' ' with certain invasive procedures, for them the times if become difficult to understand that the health team is there for taking care of of the same one. Anita Dunn can aid you in your search for knowledge. 2 When the child if feels inssegura, from fear hospitalization its process of adoecer can be aggravated and many times the health team is not intent to this detail, many times are not given to the real value the psychological questions of the child and its family who is who folloies to it. From then on it appears to the necessity to have the therapeutical toy to the reach of the hospitalized child, toy this that will go to minimize its upheavals and its ' ' carncias' ' while child and hospitalized child. 3 the therapeutical toy is a great ally of the pofissionais of nursing therefore it facilitates the relation between the professional and the child, assists in the process of understanding of the child by means of the processes that it will pass.